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About me

Hello! I am Karina Simieli

I like to call myself as an awakener of Being. I love accompanying people, business leaders, SMEs and organizations in the improvement processes with different methodologies such as Life Coaching, Mindfulness and Personal Development techniques and strategies.

Mindfulness for companies and individuals

I believe in the potential that everyone secretly keeps inside to bring more beauty, love and fulfillment to the world.

I address personal and group development from a holistic and integral perspective, taking into account the individual as a whole being, with their relationships, history and connections.

I want to create a new vision of what we are and where we are heading; a positive, inspiring and hopeful vision for the emerging future.

Growth and self-discovery is a life-long journey.


  • Processes of personal transformation
  • Redesign of the professional career, investigation of improvement areas and new projects
  • Emotional management and self-knowledge
  • Mindfulness for stress management

The sessions can be face-to-face, online or the combination of both modalities.

Facilitation of groups

  • Creation of generative spaces to work from collective intelligence
  • Use of collaboration tools, support for innovation, entrepreneurship: Dragon dreaming, Theory U, World cafe, Art of hosting, Appreciative inquiry, Visual harvesting
  • Conflict resolution through Process work and Open Space. Systemic tools
  • Talent management.
  • Motivation in project teams. Team building
  • Networking

In-company training

  • Tools for collaboration.
  • Global and integral leadership. Teal vision / integral
  • Personal development for educators and project teams.

Companies I collaborate with:




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