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About me

Hello! I am Karina Simieli

I like to call myself an awakener of the Being. I have been accompanying teams, business leaders, SMEs and organizations in the organizational development processes using different methodologies such as Coaching, Mindfulness and Personal Development strategies.

Mindfulness for organizations and individuals

I believe in the potential that every person secretly keeps inside for bringing more beauty, love and fulfillment to the world.

I address personal and team development from a holistic and integral perspective, taking into account the individual as a whole being, with their relationships, history and connections.

I am creating a new vision about what we are and towards where we are walking imagining a positive, inspiring and hopeful image for the emerging future.

Growth and personal evolution are a whole life journey.


  • Personal transformation process
  • Professional career re-building: development of new skills for leadership and solving problems
  • Emotional intelligence and self-consciousness
  • Mindfulness for stress management

The sessions can be face-to-face, online or the combination of both modalities.

Group facilitation

  • Creation of generative spaces for working from collective intelligence
  • Use of collaboration tools, support for innovation, entrepreneurship: Dragon dreaming, Theory U, World cafe, Art of hosting, Appreciative inquiry, Visual thinking & harvesting, Open Space
  • Conflict resolution through Process work and restorative circles. Systemic tools
  • Talent management
  • Motivation in project teams. Team building
  • Networking

In-company training

  • Tools for improving collaboration
  • Global and integral leadership. Teal vision / integral
  • Personal development for educators and project teams

Companies I collaborate with:




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