Coaching sessions

In a coaching process we come along with you on optimizing your unique potential. With the support of your coach, you will create the conditions to gain self-confidence, flourish, express your desires, become aware of your value and develop skills to implement a plan towards the results you want in your life.

The coach acts as a catalyst or facilitator of the change; she/he creates the framework for reflection, so you can coordinate the different roles you assume on your daily life and achieve the coherence for releasing your energy and accessing your maximum potential. During the coaching process we look through motivations, values, beliefs and possible actions in the light of achieving that coherence.

In the Individual Coaching sessions you will face some challenges, such as personal effectiveness, career changes, leadership, managing cultural diversity, self-image, conflict resolution, communications, stress management, stimulation of creativity, time management, the search for greater coherence, among many other topics.

The process can be approached from the perspective of solving the problem or generating a personal transformation.

In the Team Coaching processes, we reinforce the group cohesion (team building), the achievement of coherence among the members and the agreement around goals and contributions of each one in pursuit of a shared and unifying strategy.

The optimization of synergies is a goal so that the whole is superior to the sum of parts.

We carry out different group dynamics to work on blockages and rigidities, the reinforcement of attention, the open dialogue within the team, the conflict resolution and the fluidity within communication.

Our interventions are focused on reconnecting with the individual autonomy,on the interdependence to achieve shared goals and on coordinating actions.

Face-to-face Coaching

This modality allows us to use space and movement as tools in the process of personal transformation.


On-line Coaching

The sessions are done via Skype or Zoom through the computer connected to the Internet, without additional connection costs. You can contact your coach from anywhere in the world where you are. We use special tools that adapt perfectly to the virtual environment.