Group Facilitation

Facilitating means making easy the process within a group helping the flow of the energy. It involves identifying how we do what we do when we collaborate. Because every thought, belief and phrase has an impact on the energy of the group, especially in the relational dynamics of the group as a system.

An experienced facilitator listens beyond the words and drives the group towards higer possibilities and results.

I work on the dimensions of the how:

  • How to identify, discuss and decide around the issues that are crucial for us.
  • How to be more productive & efficient.
  • How to promote deep listening.
  • How to encourage participation in conversations.
  • How to include the people who will be affected by the decisions.
  • How to make the process more transparent.
  • How to awaken collective intelligence.
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of the process.

Using group dynamics, generative games and reflection circles, we can generate spaces of maximum creativity and co-creation.

What do I offer as a facilitator?

✔ An integral framework including the systemic perspective.

✔ Generative spaces to evoke the collective intelligence.

✔ Tools to promote collaboration & social innovation such as Teoria U, World cafe, Art of hosting, Dragon dreaming.

✔ Conflict resolution approach using Process work.

✔ Talent management.

✔ Motivation in project teams. Team building.

✔ Networking.


Is your group looking for improvement?

I offer a 100% tailor-made facilitation.

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